I Believe In Resurrection

I Believe In Resurrection

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I’m grateful for a lot of things today. It’s been an odd day, full of transitions that don’t fully make sense. And yet, God’s in it, and moving. I’m so grateful that Easter isn’t just a day, it’s a season. Fifty days long—10 good days longer than Lent. And we’re still in it, this season of resurrection.

I’m also grateful for these words, for this post, by Ann Voskamp. Read it. It’s worth remembering.

“I believe in resurrection, not confined to a Sunday morning, but unleashed in the cosmos —- that if you grieve, you will dance and if you’re lonely, you will know love, and if you break with wondering, you will be made whole with wonder and worship and Jesus, and life will rise.

God, He’s farming all this earth and His people live resurrection and you can see the hope in their eyes: this day will give way to a new day and this suffering will give way to a new song, and these woes will give way to a new world and because of Jesus, what you bury, it will rise.

Resurrection, it’s not merely a belief, but a way of living, the only way to really live. The Easter people live it: all these endings are but embryos of new life.

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