An invitation to soul friendship.

About Anam Cara

Welcome! My name is Tara Owens, and as the executive director of Anam Cara Ministries, I’m delighted that you are here. Our vision for Anam Cara is to provide a place dedicated to the practice of soul friendship, coming alongside one another in order to facilitate healing, wholeness, holiness, and spiritual formation.

Slowing Down

A few things we think are worth experiencing with intentionality and without haste:
  • A Prayer for the Woman Putting on Her Makeup at the Stoplight

    Topics Explored: 5 Minute Meditation, Prayer


     . . . seeing you in that moment I saw the vast and vulnerable humanity of us all.

  • We Awaken in Christ’s Body

    Topics Explored: Embracing the Body


    We awaken in Christ’s body
    As Christ awakens our bodies,
    And my poor hand is Christ . . .

  • How to Uncover the Gospel of Shame

    Topics Explored: Grace, Spirituality


    Jesus never has derision in His voice for His beloveds. He doesn’t shame His people. He isn’t exasperated with you.

Upcoming Events

A few of the upcoming events we’re especially excited about:
Scripture Circle Study Burst with Rabbi Noah

Sept 1-9, 2022

September Study Burst with Rabbi Noah


Nov 10-13, 2022

Spiritual Directors Retreat