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Welcome. My name is Tara Owens, and I’m delighted that you are in search of something deeper. My vision in developing Anam Cara Ministries is to provide a place dedicated to the practice of soul friendship, of coming alongside in order to facilitate healing, wholeness, holiness and spiritual formation. Read more

Everyday is a Journey

While it may be an unfamiliar term, spiritual direction is the practice of holy listening, of coming alongside someone in their journey toward God and companioning them on that path. It is a practice as ancient as the Church, a place where you can be with someone experienced in seeing and reflecting the movements of the Spirit in you. As you explore the practice of spiritual direction, I encourage you to ask questions, explore the resources on this site and to reflect your willingness to learn new practices and examine your interior world. Every day is, indeed, a journey, and the journey itself is home. Read more


A New Direction from the Past

Spiritual friendship and spiritual direction has never been limited by geography. From the wisdom shared in letters between St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila to the more modern anam cara relationship between poet Luci Shaw and writer Madeleine L’Engle which took place over the phone, spiritual direction is no stranger to distance. Anam Cara Ministries and Tara Owens have years of experience of sharing spiritual direction over Skype with directees in Canada, Europe and Australia, as well as across the United States. New technologies allow us to connect more deeply to our spiritual past.

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