Training and Formation with Anam Cara

What is the Anam Cara Spiritual Direction Apprenticeship? 

Launched in 2017, the Anam Cara Apprenticeship is a unique path to becoming a trained spiritual director. Instead of program-based activities and requirements, we base our training on the historic apprenticeship model, where learning takes place in an individualized, one-on-one relationship. Each apprentice shadows a trained spiritual director, creates a personalized Learning Agreement, and completes an agreed-upon number of hours of individual and group spiritual direction. Throughout this process, the apprentice is monitored, supervised, and supported by a trained spiritual director who aims to help the apprentice learn according to his or her learning style, grow in prayer and spiritual disciplines in the way God has individually created the apprentice, and practice spiritual direction in the modality best suited to both the apprentice and his or her context of practice. If this approach fits your learning style and you would like to find out more, click on the link below. 


Please note that we are not accepting new applications until September 2024.

In the meantime you can still inquire by clicking the link below

What is the Teacher’s Scripture Circle Cohort?

The Scripture Circles Teacher’s Cohort is a rolling two-year experience of learning the art, skills, community, tools, and laughter of facilitating rabbinic Scripture study in community. This journey prepares participants to begin teaching in the scripture circle model. Each cohort will conclude Year 2 with a pilgrimage to Israel to study together in the land.

Year 1: Commitment of 9-10 hours per month

  • Monthly teacher’s Scripture Circle covering 5 core passages (each passage will be studied together multiple times)
  • Required reading and related assignments
  • Listening to recorded discussions and Scripture Circles
  • Meet in triads to continue studying from themes emerging in each monthly Scripture Circle
  • Attend one additional Scripture Circle per month (online or in person)

Please note that at the end of Year 1, participants and teachers together will discern whether stepping into Year 2 is appropriate.

Year 2: Commitment of 10-15 hours per month

  • Teaching Year 1 Scripture Circle a few times in rotation
  • Monthly Year 2 Scripture Circle covering additional core passages
  • Attend at least one Scripture Circle outside your  local community (travel required)
  • Required reading and related assignments
  • Listening to recorded discussions and Scripture Circles
  • Meet in triads with Year 1 participants to continue studying from themes emerging in each monthly Scripture Circle
  • Attend one additional Scripture Circle per month (online or in person) OR Teach once per month in a community (yours or one of the online Anam Cara Studies)
  • Meet with Teaching Mentor
  • Optional: Israel Scripture Circle Pilgrimage: December 2024 (not included in cohort cost)

Teacher’s Cohort Aims:

  • Development of the tools to pay deep attention for prolonged periods of time without agenda
  • Development of a posture of curiosity and non-anxious presence as a leader
  • A functional understanding of how to engage a room of study in order to facilitate engagement with each other and the text
  • A posture to the text that generates questions and relationship
  • A self-awareness of the participant’s strengths and weaknesses as a teacher/facilitator
  • Tools for engaging with resistance, conflict, offense, and disruptive behaviors in a room
  • Development of improv skills
  • A deeper understanding of the text and its place in participants’ life, individually and communally.

Please note that the 2023-2024 Cohort has a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 8 participants.

To learn more about cohort ethos and costs or to begin the application process, please click below.

What is Together in the Mystery?



Together in the Mystery supervision formation unfolds in a compassionate, contemplative atmosphere and emphasizes not simply information but personal and professional transformation.

Our year-long formation program begins with an intensive residency held at a seminary, university, or retreat center. It continues with a year of supervision and mentoring by instructors, culminating in a second intensive residency.

“The Together in the Mystery model of supervision is a compassionate, contemplative and evocative process in which we notice and respond to the Mystery God revealed in a spiritual director’s experience for the ultimate benefit of their directees.”
-Maria Tattu Bowen

Requirements for Acceptance

  • Have a minimum of three to five years’ experience as a spiritual

  • Receive recommendations from your spiritual director and individual
    supervisor or supervision group colleague.

  • Make a commitment to two intensive residencies and to engaging in synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities throughout the year.

  • Participate in a year of supervision and mentoring by instructors (in
    person, over the telephone, or via video conference).

  • Offer supervision eight to ten times during the course of a year for a
    minimum of two people.

NOTE: You are not required to have supervisees before enrolling in
Together in the Mystery. If need be, we will assist you in finding
supervisees with whom to practice.