Scripture Circles




Scripture Circles

Scripture Circles—a monthly experience of community centered around the Word—are an experience of studying the Scriptures that is practical and pastoral, scholarly and mystical, personal and communal. Each Scripture Circle is a remarkable experience of communion with God and others—a unique experience made more so by your participation: no one else has your story, your eyes, and the gifts you bring to the study of Scripture.

As a believer, I have had the surprising and enriching experience of having studied under a gifted rabbi, a man of God who gathers groups internationally to explore the Scriptures. These gatherings brought me into an ancient and beautiful way of attending to the story of God in the Scriptures that I am excited to share. I believe this form of study can revolutionize your life and faith—because of the way it has revolutionized mine. I look forward to journeying together in the Scriptures in sacred community with you, guided by the Holy Spirit, grounded in God.

What to Expect

Gatherings begin by listening attentively to the particular people in the room. We go around the circle and share the things with which we have been wrestling or pondering. Based on what is shared, several Scripture passages that might fit those questions emerge, and the group votes on where to begin with study. Once we dig in, I guide us through language roots and threads that run from one text to another. Then, the questions. Questions that invite us to wrestle with human experience and our interaction with the Trinity. Questions we begin to see if we look at the text and have the courage to ask them of each other—and of ourselves. Questions like, “What is it like to be so afraid of the unknown in front of you that slavery feels like a better option?” (Which is one of the question we see as the Israelites enter the wilderness experience in Exodus 16.)

Scripture Circles Schedule and Details

Studies vary in location. Some will be at my house in Colorado Springs, CO. Others may be at other houses, churches or a local restaurant. We also occasionally host online Scripture Circles, although these are more rare. The address and location will be confirmed the week before the gathering. Space is limited to 12-18 people per study, so please sign up promptly if you are interested. You can sign up alone, with a friend, or even on behalf of a group. I also enjoy teaching groups that already exist, such as small groups and leadership teams. Please email me if you are interested in discussing that option.

In general, gatherings happen on a regular schedule. In the coming months, we’ll be building an on-going schedule of different types of Scripture Circles led by a variety of teachers. Anam Cara Ministries leads three different types of Scripture Circles:

Types of Scripture Circles

Discovering Scripture Circle: These are Scripture Circles for those who have never been to or have little exposure to Scripture study in this format. If you’ve been to a ton of study and want to join, no problem! The aim of these Circles is to be open to those who want to join.

Expanding Scripture Circle: This Scripture Circle is for those who have been to study before (even just once.) There is no set community with this study, so all are welcome! It’s just not the best entry point for those who have never studied before.

Anchored Scripture Circle: We’re still playing with the language on this, one, so it may change, but these Scripture Circles are meant for a specific community that is traveling together over time (a small group, family group, or small community). This could be over several months as a theme is explored (justice, grace, or love, for example), or for much longer as the group dives deeper into Scripture and sacred community.

All gatherings are based on a sliding scale of paying what you can or are able to pay, through cash, check, or credit on the day of the study, or online beforehand


Interested In Scheduling A Scripture Circle?

Check out the upcoming dates below.

Please note Scripture Circles will be rescheduled if less than 4 people are registered the week before the event.

If you have a group you’d like to schedule, please email me here.