Peregrini and Apprentices

Anam Cara Peregrini

In the Celtic tradition, Peregrini were traveling missionary monks who were attached to an abbey or monastery but “wandered” or lived outside the abbey forever on Pilgrimage. At Anam Cara, our Peregrini community is made up of spiritual directors scattered across the country and the globe who share our heart and vision for spiritual friendship. Take a few minutes to get to know these lovely people!

Kate Ambrose Pollard

Michelle Bodle

Jamie Bonilla

Brandon Booth

Devany Bourdo

Ivy Clark

Chad Conant

Kate Davelaar Guthrie

Sandy Davis

Will Forsythe

Emily P. Freeman

Dale Gish

Jenny Gehman

Craig Hamlow

Bryan Hehr

Tyler Hill

Annalise Hume

Kate Laymon

Niecy LoCricchio

Sylvia McGuire

Julie Mihevc

Jo Newell

Kim Nielsen Van Natta

Elizabeth Peterson

Suzie Richard

Todd Spencer

Heather Swanson

Keely Taylor

Nish Weiseth

Janine Westlund

Current Anam Cara Apprentices

We’re excited to introduce you to our incredible community of apprentices at Anam Cara Ministries. These delightful folks are all in various places in their journey of apprenticeship, but we believe in their hearts for God and those whom He loves. Each one carries a God-story that will enrich and bless your own walk with the Trinity.

Polly Baker

Joshua Barrett Tracey

Rawee Bunupurada

Shelly DeRuiter

Laurie Haas

Joy Hoot

Peter Ivey

Seth Leach

Janet Lee

Jess Lyons

John Maikowski

Justin McRoberts

Holly Phillips

Beth Sikora

Nicole Soraich

Nina Walch

Janine Young