Introducing Kaylene

Kaylene Derksen grew up a farm girl in northern Wisconsin to parents who loved God and loved people. One of eight siblings, she spent long hours being read to from scripture around the breakfast table and at night in family devotions. It was instilled in her from a very young age that everyone has value and should be treated with the dignity befitting God’s creation.

After college, she felt a call to spend her life in mission work. This call has taken her to Central America, the southern United States, the Netherlands, and Germany. She has a deep love for other cultures and languages and speaks both English and German fluently.

While in the midst of her productive life she became aware of a deep longing for a more sustainable rhythm. Her hunger for God led her to delight in Sabbath, which subsequently opened the door to her enjoying other spiritual practices. Going further on the journey inward, Kaylene became a student of the Soul Care Institute. This altered the course of her life by awakening a desire to live the Jesus way as a wholehearted and integrated person. She and her husband, Jimm, are both Soul Care Providers now leading the Institute.

She lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where she enjoys long walks, cooking dinner for friends, singing, and birdwatching with her husband. She and Jimm have one adult daughter, Helena, who is married to James, their son-in-law. Kaylene can be reached by email.