Formation & Training

What Is the Anam Cara Apprenticeship?

Launched in 2017, the Anam Cara Apprenticeship is a unique path to becoming a trained spiritual director. Instead of program-based activities and requirements, we base our training on the historic apprenticeship model, where learning takes place in an individualized, one-on-one relationship. Each apprentice shadows a trained spiritual director, creates a personalized Learning Agreement, and completes an agreed-upon number of hours of individual and group spiritual direction. Throughout this process, the apprentice is monitored, supervised, and supported by a trained spiritual director who aims to help the apprentice learn according to his or her learning style, grow in prayer and spiritual disciplines in the way God has individually created the apprentice, and practice spiritual direction in the modality best suited to both the apprentice and his or her context of practice.

What Are Scripture Circles?

Scripture Circles are a monthly experience of community centered around the Word. They are based on Tara’s experience of studying under a gifted rabbi, a man of God who gathers groups internationally to explore the Scriptures together. These gatherings brought Tara into an ancient and beautiful way of attending to the story of God in the Scriptures that we at Anam Cara are excited to share. This form of study is practical and pastoral, scholarly and mystical, personal and communal. It has revolutionized Tara’s life and faith, and we believe it can transform yours, too.


As we come together to study and explore, we experience communion with both God and others. In this sacred community, we question and wrestle with the text, guided by the Holy Spirit and grounded in God. Each Scripture Circle is a unique experience because the people who gather are always different. No one else has your story, your eyes, or the gifts you bring to the study of Scripture, so your participation is both welcome and essential.