For The Last Minute Lentens

Still struggling about what to do for Lent? Not sure that you’re up for this whole ashes-and-fasting thing? I’ve got a few suggestions for those of us who aren’t sure we’re into Lent this year, and if we are, we just aren’t sure what to do.


This is an eCourse by Jan Richardson, who is one of the most lovely, grace-filled and beautiful artists I know. The course will be low-demand, but high-reward, and I recommend it.


Do you need a little more rest this Lent? Today is the last day to sign up for the Be Course, which is a Lent-long exploration of what it means to rest, and to fast from things like shame, self-loathing or rejection. Each week has a recipe and a new teacher.

Daily Lectionary

Do you have a complicated relationship with Scripture? Read it anew with the Daily Lectionary delivered to your inbox. This project by Preston Yancey will go year-long, but starts on Ash Wednesday, and is completely free. Sometimes our struggles with Scripture come because we’ve been reading it through the scrim we’ve been given, and coming to the Word fresh, letting Scripture speak to Scripture, makes everything new.

A Lenten Check In

If you’d like to talk through what might be right for you this Lent, I’m offering a limited number of pay-what-you-can 30-minute slots of prayer and discernment. You could use this to decide what you want to fast from or pick up for Lent, or as a check-in midway through the season to talk about how things are going, and what God might be up to. Email me here to sign up. Regular sessions are $75, but the pay-what-you-can offer stands.