A Companioned Prayer Journey Immersing in God’s Love; 9 months with the Ignatian Exercises

Over 500 years, thousands of people across various denominations have discovered the enduring treasure and beauty of the Ignatian Exercises. Just as exercise is meant to strengthen the body, Ignatius of Loyola developed these prayer practices to strengthen our spiritual life and help us deepen our relationship with God. A significant way we explore God's love is by walking closely with Jesus to see the heart of God for us and the human family. We pray through the life of Jesus, a companion with Jesus in His story: His birth at Christmas, His ministry and miracles, the passion at Easter, and His resurrection. In the journey, we discover God's heart for us and our invitation to be with Jesus for the world. While much of our prayer time is spent with the scriptures, this is not a Bible study or an undertaking of analyzing historical events, but the entering into the scriptures as a living experience with the Living God.