Welcome to Anam Cara Abbey!

Chances are, you’re here because you support the work of Anam Cara Ministries in some way. Maybe you’ve read one of Tara’s books and resonated with the content, or you’ve been encouraged by the daily posts on Anam Cara’s Facebook page. Maybe you are a spiritual director, a recipient of spiritual direction, or someone who’s joined us for a Scripture Circle. Or maybe you just love the idea of promoting soul friendship in the world.


Whatever way you’ve come to Anam Cara, we are so glad that you’re here!


We say “we” intentionally, because this is a place that we’ve built together over the past ten years. It’s a place where people are reminded (again and again and again) that they are the beloved of God. It’s a place of prayer and contemplative practice, of falling down and getting back up again. It’s a place of community and hope, where stories are shared and creativity is practiced. It’s a wild, holy place of spiritual companionship and friendship in all its messy and beautiful forms.


During this decade of ministry, what I (Tara) have come to realize is that I’m the abbess here. Like a monastic community, Anam Cara functions as a sacred family. And we’d love to welcome you in.


You’re a monk at the Abbey if you choose to be part of what happens here in more than just a passing way. You’ll commit to a set of practices and presence that support what Tara and Anam Cara are doing, and you’ll have access to the Anam Cara Abbey private Facebook group and the Anam Cara Abbey private Instagram feed. You’ll be the first to hear stories of what’s going on at Anam Cara, and you’ll have a place to interact with other monks and decide how to shape the community together.


I’ll be there, of course, as will other staff and leadership of Anam Cara, but those communal spaces will be your spaces together. By connecting with others who call the Abbey a place of spiritual sustenance, you’ll partner with Anam Cara to help its work continue and grow.


Suggested donation: $7-$25/month


You’re a steward at the Abbey if you’re stepping in a little closer. In the early monastic communities formed by the desert fathers and mothers, stewards were in charge of a group of monks who had made committed vows of stability, poverty, and prayer. While we’re not asking vows of anyone here, the place you step into as a steward is one of having more impact on the community as a whole.


We’ll reach out to you to ask for your prayers, input, and vision for what Anam Cara Abbey is and will become. You’ll be invited to quarterly calls to talk about what’s going on and hear stories of the way Jesus has been moving. In addition to the community shared by the monks, you’ll also have early access to Anam Cara events—and a few other surprises along the way.


Suggested donation: $25-$50/month


You’re a friend at Anam Cara Abbey if you know that the language of spiritual direction and formation is your heart language and you want to immerse yourself fully into this sacred community. It would be easy to see the word friend as a lesser role than a monk or steward, but we see it as a holy calling. To be a friend at the Abbey is to be an anam cara, someone who is dedicated to the flourishing of the whole person through the ministry of holy listening and who desires to see this kind of Kingdom work grow.


In addition to the events and communities we offer monks and stewards, Anam Cara friends receive complimentary registration at specific events and deep discounts at others. As a friend, you’ll also be invited more deeply into the behind-the-scenes reality of Anam Cara Ministries, including the sacrifices and struggles. You’ll get prayer updates and be invited to speak into the more personal places only friends are allowed, including conversations around the kitchen table with Tara and the Anam Cara leadership a few times a year.


Suggested donation: $50-$100/month (or more)